When I started Cibo Meals almost 4 years ago, catering was the last thing I ever thought my small business would expand into…and yet here we are, catering away into 2021! Of course COVID has put a big dent in that side of the business, but as things start to settle out and people want to plan gatherings again, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what makes us stand out from other caterers, and to invite you to consider Cibo Meals for your next gathering.

  • Instead of offering a set menu, we work with you to create a personalized, fun menu based on your event and style.
  • We focus on smaller events between about 10-50 people so that we can make sure each of your guests is happy.
  • Even before COVID, we always follow strict food safety guidelines and cook out of an FDA-approved commissary kitchen right in Arvada, CO.
  • We strive to use compostable and/or reusable serving and dishware to be kinder to our planet.
  • We partner with other local growers & businesses as often as possible to bring that personal touch to your event.
  • You will work directly with myself, the Owner, on all planning and throughout your event.

Whether it’s a special family dinner, a business happy hour, or a wedding rehearsal dinner, Cibo Catering can make your event creative, special, and easy. Just reach out to me and let’s start planning together. Check out or Catering Page for some serious inspiration!





Grazie, Emily Green, Owner
[email protected] ~ 720.530.3140


Localworks has used Cibo Meals for a number of events, large and small. Emily’s food is great tasting and fresh. She’ll work with you to find a menu that suits your needs and she pays attention to detail including the visual appeal of the spread. Did I mention she is super easy to work with? Highly recommended!

Carolyn, Localworks