Vegetarian is one of the core pillars of Cibo Meals and it’s also a fundamental element of my personal lifestyle.

Vegetarian Mason Jar
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The health benefits of vegetarianism noteworthy, including the major ones like the reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. A non-meat diet has also been shown to support mood management and energy levels in many people.

For me, though, the vegetarian journey began at a very young age in the form of a general aversion to meat – the thought, taste, and texture. And over time I’ve also become more and more concerned about the damage to our planet from animal farming and commercial overfishing.

My Vegetarian Journey  

I grew up in Boulder. You may think you know where I’m going with that, but in fact my family wasn’t vegetarian – except for spunky, 8-year-old Emily Green! I don’t recall where or what I heard about the vegetarian alternative at that impressionable age, maybe it was my love of animals in general that made me want to take that step. To her credit and my fortune, my mom was supportive. She always prepared a meatless version of our evening meal just for me.

I’ve remained committed to a vegetarian diet ever since those early days, although I had to take a bit more of a flexitarian approach a decade ago when I was living on the East Coast and then in Tuscany. Now that I’m back in my native Colorado, though, it’s strict vegetarian all the way for me – and for Cibo Meals!

Who Needs Meat Anyways?

Vegetarian Food Delivery
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Our entrees are made with the best available vegetables, grains, pastas, herbs, seasonings, and spices. I buy my vegetables from reputable sources like Heinie’s Market in Wheat Ridge and from the sustainable gardens and trusted vendors I’ve gotten to know across the Metro Denver region. Our meals-in-a-Mason jar are prepared and delivered fresh to your door. We offer two different options each week that will always offer all the flavor you want and the protein you need.

Your food won’t leave our kitchen with any meat. To be honest, I’m only an expert in vegetarian cooking. I’ll leave meat protein innovation to other chefs and other food service companies. While I’m certainly willing to suggest a meat protein that our customers can add to their Cibo entree, that certainly isn’t necessary – either for flavor or protein.

We cook on Tuesdays, after I spend Mondays rounding up the fresh ingredients I’ll need. I buy organic when it makes sense, but in my opinion that classification is too often misused by food manufacturers, distributors, and restaurants.

I’m a strict vegetarian, and so is our menu. That means we will use dairy, eggs (sparingly), and honey in our entrees if necessary. I recognize, of course, that other people are even more strict with their diets. More power to you! In most cases, I can customize your entree to be gluten free or vegan upon request.

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And I get it. Not everyone is excited about a vegetarian diet or even a unique vegetarian entree experience. That’s why we make vegetarian food fresh and interesting. Our entrees are creative, internationally inspired, and packed with taste and goodness.

So, whether you’re a deeply committed vegetarian, a flexitarian, or you simply want to try some great, meatless meal options two or three days a week, we have convenient, ready-to-eat, tasty dishes for you.

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