Gift Card

  • Share the gift of Cibo Meals with a gift card for any amount.
  • Can be shared directly to the recipient via email or we can deliver/mail hard-copies to you.
  • Gift cards cannot be used for purchasing our packages, sorry.
  • Each gift card will have a special coupon code to be used when ordering.
  • Delivery Fee must be paid at time of ordering.
  • Gift cards expire 1 year from purchase date.


A Cibo Meals gift card makes a creative gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else on your list. Printed on beautiful pearl card-stock and includes a small Cibo Meals sticker to seal the gift. Gift cards will be emailed to you or the option to send directly to the recipient, and available to use instantly, or we can deliver a hard-copy version to you when you order Cibo Meals.
Please enter any amount you desire and add to cart to check out. If you are purchasing multiple gift cards (for example, two gift cards for $23 each), enter the amount for each card (this case $23), add to cart, then increase the quantity in your cart to 2. At checkout, after you enter your Billing Details, please select who to send the gift card to, either yourself or directly to the recipient. You can then send the gift card to different email addresses, along with a personalized message.