Introducing CIBO @ WORK!

Introducing CIBO @ WORK!

In addition to our successful residential delivery service, Cibo Meals is now offering lunch delivery for local businesses & offices. We will deliver your orders to you by 11:00 a.m. every Wednesday.

You can check out this week’s meal options and learn more about how we work at or contact us at for more information. We’re happy to offer a short presentation (and samples!) for any groups wanting to learn more.

Use Coupon Code @WORK20 for 20% OFF your first order here!

  • This is a great option for lunches, office meetings, or dinner that is ready to go.
  • More cost-effective and efficient than eating out or most delivery services.
  • The more employees that order each week, the greater the discount!.
  • This is a perfect program to offer as part of your Business’ Health and Wellness Program!

Click on the flyer below to download or print for easy sharing!