I love that I can order Cibo Meals over the weekend (or as late as Monday morning) and on Tuesday delicious food shows up on my doorstep! The variety is great, I always look forward to checking out what the offerings will be each week. I also love that I don’t have to do any cooking and there is extremely limited waste – the Mason jars rock. The convenience cannot be beat!

Kris C.

Cibo Meals has been a time & lifesaver for our busy lived. I work in Boulder, where lunch out is expensive and not convenient to my office, so their Piccolo jars have transformed my lunch game, saving money and allowing me to eat better. We already order a larger jar for that inevitable weekday dinner when working late, or just exhaustion/laziness, come into play. We also feel food about the local and minimal-waste business model of Cibo Meals.

Angie C.

Localworks has used Cibo Meals for a number of events, large and small. Emily’s food is great tasting and fresh. She’ll work with you to find a menu that suits your needs and she pays attention to detail including the visual appeal of the spread. Did I mention she is super easy to work with? Highly recommended!

Carolyn D.

We LOVE Cibo Meals. Such a treat to have a meal ready on-the-fly for our busy schedule! The regular size jar works perfectly as a side for our family of 4 (includes 2 teenage boys). It’s easy to add a protein (grilled chicken, shrimp, burger patty) and once you do, you have a complete meal that’s yummy, nutritious and quick. Love Cibo Meals!

Carla M.
Wheat Ridge

What’s not to love? Someone else does all the shopping, washing, chopping, and cooking. And I get delicious, nutritious meals chock full of veggies delivered right to my door. If you’ve ever heard yourself say, “Oh, thank god I don’t have to cook tonight”, then you should try Cibo meals.

Susan C.
Applewood Village

This food is fresh, healthy, and amazing! As a nutritionist, I’m super picky about food and Emily always has a choice of gluten and dairy free. She uses fresh, local ingredients when possible and only adds healthy oils to her meals. They are flavorful, inspired, and unique. So fun!!!

Nikki B.
Wheat Ridge

We order Cibo Meals regularly. Love how sustainable the business model is with reusable bags, jars etc. There’s hardly any waste if any at all. All the meal options are vegetarian and we love them — and we aren’t even vegetarians! You could easily add meat to any of the dishes, but we prefer them just as they come. There is always something new and delicious that I would never think to cook myself. Our toddler even likes it too (win!!)

Chelsea B.

We have ordered from Cibo several times. Each time the jar is a delightful meal. Nope, we’re not vegetarians. But her protein suggestions work well and so we end up with a truly healthy and tasty meal. HIGHLY recommend Emily and crew from Cibo Meals.

Brian D.
Wheat Ridge

Cibo Meals goes way beyond the mason jar meal (as wonderful as those jars are). Cibo Meals has catered several events for me — always fresh and flavorful, her dishes are unique and entirely crowd-pleasing! As the Cook and Business Owner, Emily is inspired, easy to work with and never disappoints!

Diane C.
LIV Sotheby's International Realty

My family loves Emily and Cibo meals. We are not vegetarian, but her vegetarian homemade meals are tasty and come with thoughtful dressings, sides and protein recommendations. We get them almost every week because they’re so convenient.

Carly W.

Cibo Meals is literally a life saver for me. As a full-time working mom and educator, finding time and energy to meet my body’s basic needs is sometimes a stretch. As a social justice-focused educator, organizer, and mom, Cibo Meals helps get so many things I desire out of food AND community. It’s convenient AND sustainable?!? I get all that, while supporting my neighbor in in their local woman-owned business. Good food and interdependence are where it’s at!

Katie T.H.

Emily and her amazing team catered our wedding and it was absolutely delicious and delightful! Every aspect of the planning and execution was enjoyable. Emily is a pleasure to work with and made the planning process engaging and intentional. Her humor and dedication to living life well are apparent in every choice she makes. She asked great questions and paid deep attention to the answers yielding a truly one-of-a-kind event. The food was absolutely on point. Working with Emily and Cibo Meals will yield not only a spectacular culinary event but one where you know you are also choosing to support a dynamic, women-owned business.

Melinda S.
Bride, Married Sept. 18th, 2021

I started ordering Cibo Meals a few weeks ago because I had been looking for healthy, delicious meatless meals without packaging waste. Add supporting a local business into the mix, and I was sold! Shortly after my first order, I received a major medical diagnosis, and nutrition will be even more important for my recovery and prevention. I am so grateful to know that I won’t have to worry about cooking during my recovery period. Cibo Meals eases my mind in a stressful period to know that I can count on these meals to keep my body healthy.

Kari K.

My company has used Cibo for events we’ve hosted and they have been spectacular. Their customer service leading up to the event left me with the utmost confidence that they would have everything taken care of and knew what they were doing. During the events, they worked efficiently and made sure that the food kept coming. My firm will definitely be using Cibo going forward as they have proven themselves to be a great caterer!

Michael D.
Golden, CO.

Cibo Meals is great! I love all the veggies in each meal and the use of so many cool ancient grains. It adds some variety and excitement to our usual dinner options. Plus it’s super convenient…the planning, prep and cooking off my to-do list for a few meals each week, which is really nice.

Katherine S.